During periods of conflict in the nation’s earliest years, why don’t we think of cooperation coming from a wide range of ethnicities and gender?

People and events through the earliest years of American history. How did historical events and actions of people other than white, land-owning, men contribute to the development of early America? 

Author:  Patti Bouwens, Hudsonville Public Schools

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Who/what is the most influential individual, group of individuals, or thing — that has made a difference in Michigan history and how might we honor their contributions? 

Students will establish criteria and choose a person, or group of people they feel deserve to have a monument built in their honor for their contributions to the growth of Michigan.  Students will present their argument, evidence, and reasoning through Google slides that include primary source photos used to compliment their points to the class and interested adult guests. Presentations will be published on the classroom/school website as well.

The research and planning for the presentation will then be expanded and used as a foundation for writing an essay using the same premise and resources.  

Author:  Kevin Withey, North Branch Area Schools

How Do We Keep The Great Lakes Great?

Students will gain geographical and historical understanding of the Great Lakes and how these iconic lakes have shaped life for Michigan citizens across time.Students will be introduced to current events challenging the current state of the lakes and invited to take action.

Author:  Chelsea Blair, Elementary Educator

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